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Importing 1.39 Unity asset creates lots of Issues / warnings

simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
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On importing the latest Oculus asset in to any 2019 build causes lots of issues.

* SampleFramework has lots of errors which prevent script compilation
* Editor scripts using now deprecated WWW function to authenticate

Are there plans to update / address these issues with the Store asset or an alternative that can be used in 2019 builds that don't have these issues.


  • simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
    Brain Burst
    This could possibly be a Unity bug, as the Asset store bug not updating the downloaded package.
    I deleted the cached asset and re-downloaded it and don't seem to have the same reported issues.
  • simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
    Brain Burst
    Ok, so no. Looks like the errors are not showing up as in a new solution the API validation settings are lower.

    For 2019.1, the WWW class was marked as deprecated, in 2019.2 it is obsolete, hence won't work
    private WWW getAccessTokenRequest; (OculusPlatformSettingsEditor.cs)

    The code needs cleaning up and updating in the asset.
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