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Align VR world to real world or to guardian system

Hi all, 

We have a demo room wit a size of 5 by 10 m. We're developing a multi-user VR experience for this demo room using the Quest. For all quest devices, we will be setting up the guardian system according to the full room boundaries. I want to create a virtual world with the same dimensions of the real world room, and then align the virtual world to the real world. My question: As a developer, is it possible to align the virtual world to either the guardian system or the real world (by making use of the camera for example)? if impossible on the quest, would the same thing be possible using the rift s?

If this is not possible at all, the only workaround i can think of is to define an initial spawn position of the user in VR, and launch the experience on each quest from that exact position with the right rotation in the real world.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


  • Zig420Zig420 Posts: 22 Oculus Start Member
    Hi, I have a question for you... what is your progress with this? Did you use Oculus Platform SDK, Social Starter Project or did you develop it using Photon2?
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