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Oculus Spatializer 1.39 update causes Oculus SDK initialization fail? (UNITY) Please help!

ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
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edited August 2019 in Unity Development
Hey guys, 

Hoping someone can lend a helping hand or share if they are having an similar issue. 

 After updating the oculus spatializer to 1.39 I suddenly have sound but the Oculus SDK seems to fail to initialize.  So, I am unable to see or move around in the Rift headset I am using.   If OpenVR is listed as secondary SDK, then unity will switch to this... where there is no issue with sound or movement.  However, I would like to continue to develop using the Oculus SDK and not OpenVR.  This issue did not seem to occur before update. 

In the case that I reject the spatializer update, I am unable to get any sort of sound to work in game.  All sounds work in editor, prior to pressing play button, and even show as playing when in the Master Volume if output is set to master in an AudioSource Component, though still no actual sound to be heard. 

I have checked that nothing is muted etc...   Seems like an issue between the SDK and 1.39 spatializer but cannot find any similar stories reported in forums etc. 

Any ideas are much appreciated... thanks.


  • ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    SOLVED!:   After hours upon hours of looking for a solution, both simple and extravagant... I finally found a solution which works for me. 

    Yes, it's true that the problem stems from a conflict with the Oculus SDK and the 1.39 spatializer update but also another outside program (the oculus app itself) had inadvertently switched some simple and yet important settings after it ran it's own update (as is usual) a few days ago. 

    Ultimately my confusion spiraled out when I could resolved the 'failed initilization' issue in unity, but still failed to gain sound... making me think the conflict with the spatializer was still somehow at play, but it wasn't. In fact all I had to do was go into the oculus app itself and reset my audio from the 'Devices' section to use 'Use Windows Settings'.... something which was not obvious, since the windows mixer settings all showed unity as having volume and being un-muted (the first thing I had even checked).  It had made everything extra confusiong as all sounds other than those with in my 'game' seemed to operate okay both inside unity and outside, only failing the moment that the headset attempted to display my game from within Unity after pressing the playbutton.  All this trouble because the oculus app was re-routing sound upon connection, incorrectly after an update. 

    Anyway, I hope this update helps others, avoid my same wasted hours this week trying to resolve this.  
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