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If I register my app as oculus go/ gear vr can I access platform sdk on quest during development?

Hello, I am learning about development for the oculus quest. I am not yet ready to submit a formal pitch for quest development. If i register my app as an oculus go/ gear vr app, will I be able to access the platform sdk from my quest. For example, I would like to pull in my oculus avatar using the avatar and platform sdks. 


  • dminikkollerdminikkoller Posts: 1
    Is it possible to use the Platform SDK on the Quest, without submitting a formal pitch for Quest development?

    As far as I understand, to use the Platform SDK an app must be uploaded at least as an alpha build in the Oculus Dashboard, but there is no option for uploading a Quest app.
  • MassiveStateMassiveState Posts: 41 Oculus Start Member
    Unfortunately not right now 👎
  • DuckStockDuckStock Posts: 3
    Bummer, thanks for the reply
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