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How to use Underlay mask shaders with LWRP?

nn_devnn_dev Posts: 2
edited August 2019 in Unity Development
Unity Version: 2019.1.7f1
Oculus SDK: 1.36
Device: Oculus GO

Hello, currently I'm using the VR compositor layers to create nice looking UI, OVROverlay with "Overlay" type has been working fine, but I'm interested in using the "Underlay" option so I can have 3D Objects in the scene appear over the UI, such as the controller laser beam.

The problem is that when I use the shaders suggested by oculus here, it appears pink in the game engine even when altering the texture/color while applied to an object in my scene. I'm using the Lightweight Render Pipeline in my project so I assume the issue is that I need to use a shader that works for the render pipeline, and when trying to upgrade the material, it says it isn't compatible.

The shaders I'm referencing are (located in VR/Resources of oculus package)
-Underlay Transparent Occluder.shader
-Underlay Imposter.shader

Any ideas here? Would it be simple enough to recreate the same functionality in shadergraph?
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