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Failed to run my Gear VR app apk in my S8 device

hks.adohkdhks.adohkd Posts: 1
I'm using Unity 2018.4.6 with Oculus SDK 1.39.
When I finished my building the apk couldn't run in my device with the following error:
OVRADBTool System server has no access to read file context u:object_r:sdcardfs:s0 (from path /sdcard/Oculus/Temp/Fruits Sky-debug.apk, context u:r:system_server:s0)
Error: Unable to open file: /sdcard/Oculus/Temp/Fruits Sky-debug.apk
Consider using a file under /data/local/tmp/
Error: Can't open file: /sdcard/Oculus/Temp/Fruits Sky-debug.apk
Before I used to build and run application using unity when my phone is connected without a problem also
The app doesn't show on my mobile,
Note: I have built the project using Oculus > OVR Build And Run
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