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Unity oculus integration with native android

HnS_ArulHnS_Arul Posts: 6
Hello guys, I just created an application in Unity to see in the Samsung Gear VR, the problem I have is that the client who requested this work wants to press the icon on the phone to appear the splash screen that says "to open This application, insert the device into Gear VR "( attached image) and when inserting the phone to Gear VR the application will begin inmidietly. It will be grat not to use any external application like the Packable Disabler Pro to disable the Oculus app that starts automatically when you insert the phone into the Gear VR.
The reference that the customer showed us complied with all of these features described at the outset so there must be a way to do it.
Anyone know how?
I will greatly appreciate your help.
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