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UE4 Oculus Platform Tool crashing

Hello i have trouble to get the Oculus Platform Tool running , always if i hit the button inside my project settings, my engine keeps crashing. Is there any known fix ?
 I´m using the lates source build provided by oculus. 


  • SkulltullazSkulltullaz Posts: 23
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    edited August 2019
    I created a C++ project with Oculus 4.22 fork and it produced an unhandled exception.

    Visual Studio breaks in delayhlp.cpp on line 323. The comment says "If we get to here, we blindly assume that the handler of the exception has magically fixed everything up and left the function pointer in dli.pfnCur" So, I guess the handler of the exception didn't fix something.

    I attached the error message and the callstack if it is of any help.

    Note that this error occurred even with a new project without any modifications.

    When I built the Oculus' fork, I used the default branch, 4.22, to build after cloning. Should I have switched to the upstream/release branch for a stable build? (UPDATE - The upstream/release branch seems to be no different than Epic's Launcher version; there's no button to open the Oculus Platforms Tool)
  • SkulltullazSkulltullaz Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    edited September 2019
    I just compiled 4.23 and was fixing to test this, but OculusVR is not listed under Plugins in the project settings, so it doesn't even have the tool that helps you automatically configure the project settings. At first I thought I made a mistake and was still on the launcher version, but the description in Help > About Unreal Editor says "Version: 4.23.0-0+++UE4+Partner-Oculus-4.23".

    Update - To get OculusVR to show up under Plugins in the Project Settings - I had to enable the plugin Oculus Avatar. Also, the Oculus Platform Window Tool does not crash in 4.23!
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