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OVRPlugin.GetControllerHapticsState() - Big Performance Hit on Unity

bmoodyP3bmoodyP3 Posts: 35
Brain Burst
Hi, I am experiencing a major performance spike while working with the OVRPlugin v. 1.38.1 and Oculus 2018.3.6f1. 

If I have my PlayerPrefab running in a blank scene, I get a 42 ms spike from OVRPlugin.GetControllerHapticsState() regardless of whether I am doing anything in the scene.

My profiler reads as follows:

Does anyone know where this issue is coming from and how I can alleviate it?


  • Kryptonian117Kryptonian117 Posts: 2
    I see the same thing with our game but it's a 102.08ms hit but it has the same Hierarchy as yours and also only 4 calls.
  • bmoodyP3bmoodyP3 Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    I have not been able to solve this yet.
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