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Fixed Point real live =Oculus Quest games


Aug 18, 7:30 AM PDT

Dear Mr and Mrs,

in most of the Games, the player aren't play in die GAME guardian. The guardian at oculus aren't the same like the game for example by playing by Creed.

for example by richie's plank experience real play feeling , i want have fixed points, because i bought a plank for this game, and everytime if i give the Oculus quest to a another person the plank aren't  at the same point like befor, so i want to fix it, how can I develob that? Did anybody can fix it? 


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,144 Volunteer Moderator
    Usually this would be simplified by using a marker (like a fiducial marker) that the Quest cameras can spot to synchronise the virtual world and the real world. The Quest arena demo at OC5 did this (marker patterns on the floor). But that isn't exposed to developers at the moment.

    What you could do though is calibrate the system by touching the touch controller against both ends of the plank and pressing a button, one at a time. Then use those recorded values to calculate the relative position/rotation.

    I'm planning on something similar, except its moving around a large building. I'm going to try calibrating by touching two corners of a room and syncing that with the matching corners in the VR world.

    (The ability to read fiducial markers in VR would be REALLY useful on Quest and Rift-S!)

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