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Cannot download videos recorded within the Quest


I'm part of a team currently developing an experience for the Quest. We are nearing the end of our development and focusing on QA and bug fixes. I am trying to save videos captured within the Quest in order to show the team issues I am encountering, however I can't seem to get the videos to work. Screenshots work fine and I am grabbing videos saved to Quest > Internal Storage > Oculus > VideoShots

The videos can be viewed fine inside the Oculus Gallery, but when I transfer the videos to my PC and try to play them in VLC or Windows Media Player it's as if the players have no information, they dont even try and play. The videos all have various file sizes that make sense based on how long I recorded for, but they can't be viewed outside of the Oculus Gallery.

Any ideas? Thank you. 


  • jopan1026jopan1026 Posts: 1
    Try downloading SideQuest if you don't already have it and use the File Explorer on there to get the video.
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