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Oculus GO - unity version

wmgamedustwmgamedust Posts: 1
Hi guys
What's the latest recommended Unity version and oculus unity integration for Oculus GO ?
Right now I tested 1.39 with 2019.2.2f1 and LWRP and can confirm that the integration isn't compatible and lwrp renders only to one eye.
I'm dropping LWRP but I'd like to know which unity version is the best right now. 2018.4 lts?



  • MPeters-xwMPeters-xw Posts: 6
    LWRP has been released, as in not a preview product in 2019.  I don't know how things will roll into previous versions that had LWRP in preview, but at least for 2019 it's official.  There is a problem with Oculus Integrations even with Unity 2019.  The fix, which probably also works for previous versions, is to make sure that Stereo Rendering Mode is set to Single Pass, which is what has been recommended.  In the past, and this is based on what I've read, people have used what is the default setting in Unity of MultiPass (I can not say/read/type multipass without hearing Leeloo from the Fifth Element) and things would work but since 1.38 of the integrations, it hasn't.
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