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Sideloaded app not visible

jstefanjstefan Posts: 8
edited September 2019 in Unity Development

I have been sideloading my app for a long time (it is also available in a beta release channel) but suddenly, after installing the app via adb, it does not show up inside Oculus Go. It is under "Not Installed" apps because it has been downloaded from a release channel earlier but there is no entry in the Apps menu. Using ".\adb.exe shell pm list packages -3" does reveal that the package exists on the Go.

If I install the app via adb and then try to install it from under the "Not Installed" category (I click on my app icon), nothing happens. Just a click sound effect but nothing else. And if I uninstall the app via adb, the install from the "Not Installed" category works again. So it probably does not start the install because it is already installed.

Is this some kind of a bug?

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