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Controllers not working on some headsets

I have a very strange situation where the same build functions on one Quest headset but not on 2 others. I have 2 quests, and on both of them, when I load a build from our in-development Unity project, the controllers don't work.  Only one controller is visible at a time, but it still doesn't function.  The visible controller will switch back and forth each time I push a button on the left vs right controller, but the buttons don't actually do anything. However, my collaborator in Portland can run the build without any controller issues.  When I use adb to look at the logs while running, I see this error repeatedly:
Error setting CPU thread affinity, errno=22
I can't find any good information about what they means, though, or how to fix it, or why there would be such inconsistency in performance. 
We are using Unity 2018.2.17f1
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