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Wireframe shader support possible on quest?

Ran in to several issues trying to get a working wireframe shader working on the quest due to the lack of geometry shader support, most (if not all) solutions I've found or have used in the past require a geom shader for wireframes.

Has anyone been able to get a working wireframe shader operation on the Quest?


  • simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
    Confirmed that Wireframes are supported on the Quest, the trick is to reduce the Quality settings (especially in Unity) to Medium or lower quality.  This enables geometry shaders to function
  • BBigGBBigG Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info! Is there a specific quality setting you are talking about?

  • simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
    In Unity, it's the player qualitative settings specifically (Ultra / High / Medium / Etc). I suspect there is a similar setting for Unreal
  • Damo9000Damo9000 Posts: 15 Oculus Start Member
    Also having issues here. I just get a black screen.. or the build just quits to menu. BBigG let me know if you figure it out!
    Ill do the same
  • simondarksidejsimondarksidej Posts: 16
    @Damo9000 Just tune down the QualitySettings in Unity (if that's what you are using) to Medium and it will sort it in your project.  If you're in Unreal, I'm guessing there is a similar setting.
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