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SocialStarter MainScene not working Oculus Integration v1.40

I am trying to get the SocialStarter MainScene to run but I am not having any luck.

I started with a new Unity 2019.2.0f1 project and added the new Oculus 1.40 package from the assets store. I then set up the environment for Oculus (Passwords, player settings and App ID etc). I also deleted and rebuilt the AndroidManifest.

When I load the SocialStarter MainScene and run it, I get an error that the App ID needs to be updated (see screenshot SocialStarter01). So I visited the Dashboard and created a new app and got a new App ID. This did not work as I got the same error message. 

When I check the code the error is referring to, it’s just a simple check to see if there is an ID. So I put the ID into the Rift ID spot and I got past the error, but I was hit with another error, this time a DLL exception.(See screenshot SocialStarter02)

I suspect this scene was built for Rift and that the DLL is part of the Rift package or perhaps stored in a different folder now. I'm building for Quest so that might be the issue, but you would think the Integration Package would have a Quest compatible version. ???

Any assistance in solving this would be great.

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