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Which levels of __android_log_print go to logcat?

mccmcc Posts: 36
Brain Burst
I am developing an app in C using the native Oculus Mobile SDK, version 1.23.0. I can print things out with:

__android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG, ""MESSAGE1");
__android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_WARN, "MESSAGE2");

or any of the standard Android log levels here.

I am finding it inconsistent whether ANDROID_LOG_DEBUG gets into the output of "adb logcat". On at least some of my configurations, it does not. ANDROID_LOG_WARN seems to always go into "adb logcat".

Can you clarify:

- Which log levels appear in "adb logcat" and which do not?
- Is this different for debug vs release builds?
- Is this different for Go vs Quest?
- Is this different depending on whether we have set the AndroidManifest.xml values for a store build, as described here?

Rather than testing different configurations it would be handy to know what is "supposed" to happen, so I can tell if something is wrong. There is a page in the Oculus documentation for logcat but it does not address this.

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