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Oculus Go App (created in Unity) crashes immediately upon loading

Hello!  I am a new Oculus Go Developer and have created an app in Unity (2019.1.5f1) using Oculus Integration 1.40. I have created a few apps that do the same thing: crash instantly back to desktop when launched on the Oculus Go. The APK builds without error and sideloads just fine, but when I launch from unkown sources menu I get 2-3 seconds of black screen and then crash back to home. I craeted a test VR project to rule out code, intensive project files that only contains a few basic 3D objects (cubes) and same crash happens.

I have followed many guides to get where I am: 
- Installed Android SDKs, pakaches and tools
- Configured Android Studio and Environment Variables (iffy on whether I did that env vars right)
- Installed ADB platform-tools, sideloaded my app.
- unity App targets Android 5.0

Any help or if anyone has experienced this with a s0lution, I would greatly appreciate it!


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 678
    Have you tried running logcat to get more info?
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