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Question about deleting Unity Test Builds

Hi, I've had a lot of issues with Unity, finding the right libraries to start off with that don't throw a million faults just installing VR libraries into it, but I've done one basic Rollaball demo that ran and installed it in my headset successfully, telling unity to install it direct to the headset.  It worked but then I had no way to really shut it off as was a test, so I killed it and it never ran again.  So now I've built another test run from someone and installed it, again via the direct unity build direct to the headset, and it shows up.
It has the original developers name and info, but on going into the Go's file system to delete the old files, I found them, deleted them but they still persist in the library as incompatible. I don't use the ADB direct from the command line as I could never get it to talk to the device correctly, but can see the file system from my windows explorer... so I figure, if I can build to it, and see the file system, I should be able to manually delete it shouldn't I?  The only way they show online from my searches are to use command line ADB delete file package.... is this the only way to delete it from the Go's system?  Thanks


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