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Unable to create new Quest App

doubledandoubledan Posts: 12
Brain Burst
In the developer dashboard when I create a new app, I am only able to select 'Go/Gear VR' or 'Rift'. There is no option for Quest.

Do I first have to link my Quest to my organisation in some way? My Quest shows up in my devices in my personal account.



  • CorysiaCorysia Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    You can choose Go.  The AppID for Go and Quest is the same.
  • NinjaGGNinjaGG Posts: 251 Oculus Staff
    @doubledan Publishing games and apps on the Oculus Quest requires a new submission process, of which you can read more about here: https://developer.oculus.com/quest-pitch/
    If you need immediate help or want additional support/context on an issue you are having with our platform or integrations:

    1. Gather any and all logs, screenshots, and version numbers of relevant software (Oculus SDK, engine, etc.)
    2. Please submit a ticket here (include what you've gathered in step 1).
    3. Tag me @NinjaGaijin once you have done so!
  • doubledandoubledan Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    @Corysia Thanks for the tip, I will do this for now as I'm just evaluating at the moment.

    @NinjaGG That seems a bit 'catch 22'. Some features (e.g. Avatar) don't work correctly without an App Id. I understand the desire to control quality levels, but shouldn't that come later in the submission/approval process? Creating app id's is needed for evaluating the platform. Creating a pitch doc for that seems overkill :)

    Also, the extra step should probably be flagged on this page; Which suggests you can just create a new app for any platform.

  • CorysiaCorysia Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    @NinjaGG can correct me if I'm wrong, but...this isn't a code quality issue.  Creating an App ID is just a requirement and it's done early in the process.  There's no limit on the number of App IDs you can make, nor do you have to release something once you've created an App ID.

    I've created a "Test" App ID that I use in multiple throw-away projects.  Nothing prevents you from reusing an App ID before you publish something.

    Oculus Integration 1.38 and earlier didn't require this step before hands showed up.  1.39 and later do.  And I'll be updating my example this weekend to reflect that.
  • doubledandoubledan Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    @Corysia By quality control levels, I was referring to the quality of apps, not code. That is obviously the point of the new requirements for submitting a pitch before you can create a new Quest app in the dashboard. But this isn't an issue as long as the Go app ID's work for the Quest, which they do. Again, thanks for the tip. I created a Go 'test app', and used that code in my 1.39 app now I can see the avatar, hands and all. 

    If the Go ID's stop working with the Quest though, then from 1.39 onward, you won't be able to use the avatar without first supplying a pitch document. That was the point I was trying to make. Also the support material at the moment should really tell you to create an Go app and use that apps ID, if that that is the only way to get avatars working in 1.39. Which seems a bit strange if you're making a Quest app.
  • CorysiaCorysia Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ah, thanks for clarifying.  I don't expect them to change the App IDs for Mobile, splitting them out in to two classifications -- but I never expected them to suddenly require a real App ID so early on, either.  Just one more thing to keep track of in this shifting environment!
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