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How to install Unity split APK OBB on Quest

PaulAtWarpPaulAtWarp Posts: 25
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I've build a split APK and OBB file using Unity. Now, how do I upload it to the Quest. I've installed the APK using ADB and that part seems to work. But where to I put the OBB? None of the guides appear to be suggesting the right place to allow Unity to load it. I just get a grey screen when I run.

Unity names the obb file: [packagename].main.obb but the Quest instructions suggest that it should be:
/sdcard/Android/obb/[package name]main.[version-code].[package-name].obb
I've tried both. Neither work.<br>


  • PaulAtWarpPaulAtWarp Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    To answer my own question... It appears there's a missing symbol in the instructions. It should be:
    And package name is not the Unity package name, but the Android one, i.e.

  • NinjaGGNinjaGG Posts: 251 Oculus Staff
    @PaulAtWarp Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums!

    Could you give the link with the incorrect obb file path?
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  • PaulAtWarpPaulAtWarp Posts: 25
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    It suggests:
    </code><code>/sdcard/Android/obb/[package name]main.[version-code].[package-name].obb
    It should be:

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