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How to Create an Animated Loading Screen with OVR Overlay

bmoodyP3bmoodyP3 Posts: 35
Brain Burst
Unity Version: 2018.3.6f1
Oculus Utilities: 1.4

Hi all!

I am trying to create an animated loading screen with render textures and OVR Overlay, but have run into the following error and do not know how to proceed:

These are the steps I have taken:
1. Create a render texture.
2. Create a video player game object in my scene and link it to my render texture. (I have tested that the render texture is working.)
3. Create a game object with an OVR Overlay. (It is enabled in the scene.)

I believe I have followed the instructions here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/latest/concepts/unity-ovroverlay/?locale=en_US

Has anyone else been able to successfully render a film or abu in this way?

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