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Rift S... Ive had enough of this now!

Megaphone912Megaphone912 Posts: 2
Ive had this thing for 2 days.

Ive exchanged it twice.  TWICE.. 

I got it to work twice.  Then it stops, never to work again.  Like the thing imploded.  Im seriously beginning to wonder if its damaging my computer. 

First it told me I wasnt plugged in to a USB 3 port (Which I was.)
So I went out and bought the Inatek USB adapter.  Success!  It works!
Then it crashed.  Never came on again.  Returned to store.
Get 2nd unit home. 
Plug into Inatek.  it lights up!  YES! 
then it crashes.  Doesnt turn on again.
Mess with Device Manager on various fixes posted online by users.  Including...
Reinstalling again
Deleting everything, then Reinstalling AGAIN
Unplugging and replugging
Best I get on THIS unit now is a black screen with an Orange Light.  Nothing else.
Im not messing with any more plugging/unplugging BS, as Im NOT going to break my NVIDIA RTX 2070 on your broken garbage.

Plug in my RIFT CV1... works flawlessly.

This is the biggest 400 DOLLAR piece of broken trash I have ever seen in my LIFE.  Thank GOD BestBuy has already promised to return my money, and told me that they've returned over 2 DOZEN Rift S units for being either defective or outright broken. 

So at least my horror story has a happy ending.  Upside, my buddy says the Valve Index looks amazing, least his stuff actually WORKS like it's supposed too.


  • Megaphone912Megaphone912 Posts: 2
    Oh I also
    Messed with Device Manager
    Uninstalled GFX Drivers and Reinstalled.
    Double checked all the plugs to ensure none were broken/loose.
    Repaired installation and deleted all subfolders before reinstall

    Literally NOTHING will get this thing off the orange light black screen no sound. 
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