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How can I make my gameobject appear when I press the UI button on the canvas/menu

Hi forum. I'm fairly new to Unity and coding/scripting. I have a CAD-model in Unity and I can walk through it with my Oculus Rift VR gear. I have created a menu with two UI buttons as a start. The "Quit" button turns red when I hover over it, and when I click it the menu disappears and the gazepointer too.(which is what I planned) 
The problem is, that when I press the other button a gameobject should appear in front of the player, but nothing happens? The buttons turns green as it should when I hover it and click it, but nothing happens? I tried dragging the gameobject to the buttons OnClick event, and set it as Set.Active etc. Nothing has been working so far. 

Can anybody help me with this? :) It should be pretty straight forward but I cant get it to work. I tried a few scripts to make the gameobject appear 1 foot from the player in front the player, but this didnt work 
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