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Making an Oculus App for educational / medical content: how can connect to Arduino?,Bluetooth?,USB?

Hi developers.

I currently have to create a unity app (easy part) that is like a drumming game, when you hit a musical instrument, percussion, chords, pianos, etc, i need to send a haptic feedback to a device, cant specify details due to nda.

But basically the device is an arduino with Wifi/Bluetooth/USB, i need to send values from 0-100 to the arduino so it does things.
I was thinking:
1) Bluetooth would be awesome, emulating a serial port via bluetooth in the quest
2) Wifi, just sending wifi signals, some UDP packages, 1 or 0's
3) Directly connect the Oculus Quest USB to the Arduino USB(still preffer the wireless method though).
4) the worst one, having an android app that works as a hotspot and Ping OSC messages, which would work too,

OSC works everywhere, but a simple wireless solution would be better.

Extra question, you can use the camera that oculus uses for tracking, but... can i plug an external camera to the USB directly? so i could try to map some objects in the room, like adding a small very small usb camera and accessing it...

having another pc or android phone running a server to send signals is tiresome, this is a demo for a company.
I havent had time to test everything but i would take in consideration what you guys tell me first.

normally any android would let you pair with an arduino or wifi direct to it.

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