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Render 360 with UE4 and play on the Go

I have a camera animated around a room in UE4.  I am trying now to play a recorded video I did in Unreal with https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/marketplace/1595263-camera-360-system-blueprints  .  I have recorded with that plugin with nearly every resolution then encoded it in adobe media encoder to a bunch of different encodes.  H264, H265 60FPS 30 FPS everything.  And it is either super blurry with lower resolutions and 60 FPS moving smoother, or it is really choppy when the camera moves and looks decent when its at higher resolution and 30 FPS. Its a lose, lose.  I don't know if its the encode, or the recording.  Or what.  Has anyone had any luck recording a 360 and playing it on the Oculus go so it looks good....  If so could you help me out with some settings.  I feel like I have tried everything!!! Super frustrating!
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