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Audio output problems in Wwise, sound disappears.

I am working on a Quest build, using Unity and Wwise.

A two specific points in the Quest build, all audio disappears. The first time it comes back (again at a more or less certain point) the second time it newer comes back.
When profiling in Wwise, the Output peak is hitting 774 dB, when the audio dissappears (see picture). None of the sounds playing at the given time, has unregular volume output. The CPU is not doing anything unusual, there is no voice starvations or anything else that would "justify" the behavior. This is ONLY a problem on the Quest. When build for Rift this never happens.

I am using Resonance Audio as spatializer, i tried removing it. It didn't help.
If I'm removing all ambience, then the problem doesn't happen. Even though the ambience is not doing anything out of the usual in the instances.

Does anyone have experience with something similar to this? or maybe a solution?

I appricated anything you can throw at me. Questions, tips or solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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