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Will there be an option to mix controller and hand tracking?

wojwenwojwen Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
edited September 2019 in Oculus Quest Development
This is a question that probably only somebody working at Oculus can answer, but I was wondering whether we will be able to mix controller and the newly announced hand tracking at the same time. What I mean specifically is a situation where the player is holding a controller in only one hand while the other one is tracked using the cameras. Apart from being able to do this, would a game that uses this kind of solution be allowed on the store, or is it something that is not encouraged?


  • DarkTableDarkTable Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Carmack mentioned this in his keynote yesterday. It won't be possible to mix hand and controller tracking. The cameras need to be set to different exposures to track hands vs. controllers so there needs to be a distinct mode switch between the features.
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