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Do ASW and ATW use the depth buffer from the last rendered frame

ansatzansatz Posts: 1
Developing for an Oculus Quest using Unity 2019.1.8f1 and OVR Android 1.36.0.

I'm trying to make a portal effect using a RenderTexture applied to a quad; however, when I play this on the device, the wall that the RenderTexture is displayed on jitters. When I test the scene in the player, the texture is perfectly aligned, so I was wondering if Asynchronous Time- or Space-warp are causing this jitter because the depth buffer shows a wall while the color channels show other geometry (e.g. a hallway). If this is the problem, is there a way to "fake" the depth buffer by overwriting it with the depth buffer from the RenderTexture? Or, in the worst case, disable ATW or ASW?


  • thewhiteambitthewhiteambit Posts: 306
    They completely broke depth buffer feature half a year ago and nobody but me cared.
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