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Can low memory in the target device (GO), affect my game performance?

valerioPavanVRvalerioPavanVR Posts: 9
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edited September 2019 in Oculus Go Development
I'm working on static and dynamic batching in unity. 
In my Oculus Go, I only have 2G free memory.
Despite the optimization, I noticed a low performance in my game.
Can low memory in my Go, affect my build performance?

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  • FocusVRGamesFocusVRGames Posts: 95 Oculus Start Member
    Accepted Answer

    I'm assuming by memory you mean your storage capacity and not your RAM, as 2Gb spare RAM is more than enough.

    While I haven't tested, I would be extremely surprised if low storage had any impact on performance unless you are writing to the storage, but as you mention its a game it's probably unlikely you are writing too much.

    The below advice isn't specific to your question but thought it was worth mentioning.

    Check your draw calls, lighting will make a huge difference in GO so make sure you bake what you can and reduce the number of lights where possible. If you are using Unity run the profiller and that may give you some indication to where all your performance is going.

    When I'm trying to increase performance and its difficult to identify I tend to go through a process of trail and error 
    Turn off some lights and test
    Remove some objects and test
    Reduce texture qualities and test

    That normally throws up a few things to help me focus my performance efforts.

    Hope that helps

  • FocusVRGamesFocusVRGames Posts: 95 Oculus Start Member
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Valerio

    Hmm that does sound strange, the only other things I know of that may effect performance across the board like that would be low battery or overheating. 

    Without seeing more I can do nothing but give pretty generic advice, but sounds like you know what you are doing anyway.

    Best of luck working it out.



  • valerioPavanVRvalerioPavanVR Posts: 9
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    edited September 2019
    Hello Mike,(@FocusVRGames)
    Yep, with 2G I mean storage capacity. In this scene, only baked lights, a lot of static cubes with the same material, and all those meshes, static batched. Some objects dynamic batched.
    All Update() functions profiled too.
    I noticed a loss of performance not only in my build but also (for the first time) in other games inside my Oculus Go. So, from here my suspicion...
    Btw, thanks for your advice! 
  • GeoffreyBoyGeoffreyBoy Posts: 13
    As you have only 2G free memory, it will effect your build performance and will result in a low gaming performance during gaming. 
  • valerioPavanVRvalerioPavanVR Posts: 9
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    edited October 2019
    Thanks @GeoffreyBoy
  • valerioPavanVRvalerioPavanVR Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    Thanks @GeoffreyBoy!
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