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Solved!: Oculus Home Animations (and Blender 2.8/2.79) glb exports

elzuchinielzuchini Posts: 1
edited October 2019 in General Development
I'm attempting to do some basic glb blender key frame animation import to Oculus Home. I have tested with a cube and two key frames. I can successfully import a cube that only has a rotate key frame change. If I try importing a glb file with a scale or translate I get the following error upon Oculus Home import:

Failed to upload "" check the model for GLTF validation errors and try again later.

The animation still plays properly with the red (!) box around the imported object. The .glb file validates properly at khronos glTF-Validator and donmccurdy glTF Viewer. The glb test file is under 5 KB in size.


Anyone have suggestions or success with translation and scale animation exports from Blender into Home?

Wow I finally figured it out. By default blender does CUBICSPLINE animation interpolation, Oculus Home can apparently only play LINEAR
animation interpolation. So ignore their documentation that states: "The following animation types are supported: Linear, step, and cubicspline interpolation strategies"

After you have finished your animation in Blender, select all of your key frames, then in either the Dope Sheet or Graph editor select the menu: Key > Interpolation Mode > Liner.   That's it.  Export your glb. Enjoy your working animation.

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