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Problems with reliability downloading in-development apps with large extension files to the Go

Donald.DunbarDonald.Dunbar Posts: 5 Oculus Start Member
I've run into this a couple times, but I often need to attempt to download / update a build from a release channel multiple times if it has large videos as extension files--in this case, a number of videos. 

Go to Uninstalled Apps in Library in headset
Click my development build
Choose install
"[progress] / 80MB"
Oftentimes stalls out circa 2GB / 80 MB - 8GB / 80MB (sidenote: would be great if the total app size reflected required extension files as well)
Occasionally finishes (probably 1 out of 5 attempts)

Have checked there's plenty of room on the Go. Have attempted to keep the headset display on through the process. I've had this issue with smaller quantities of extension files too.

Is there a way for me to make this more reliable for my clients? Or is this something the Platform team can look into? Thanks!
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