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autocalibration for unattended setups

We have a Rift S standing setup in a museum that requires regular attention from employees with regular error messages like 'play area not found' of 'controllers not found' . Asking Oculus support they refer to the fact that the Rift S requires calibration after environmental changes like light and disable guardian. We do not use guardian.

Ideal we would like to have the Rift S auto calibrate during boot (daily start of the systems). The controllers would be not connected. The Rift S is suspended from a pully system.

For most of the museums the internal camera tracking is not used (only the gyroscoop). In that case Visitors always see the experience from the camera point of view no matter the height of the visitor (childeren or adults). So the second best option for a solution is to disable internal tracking if this would be possible.

We are looking for a existing program or a developer who can develop such a script/program. Payment for a solution would be a option (after working demo)
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