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Why Dizziness difference between Oculus and Google's OVR GVR.

I am a college student in Korea.
I'm dreaming of a VR developer

This time, while using Unity to study VR, I realized the difference between SDKs.
I would like to ask for advice on this.

Why Dizziness difference between Oculus and Google's OVR GVR.

It was written as a project in Unity and built by changing only the SDK in the configuration.

1. Texture Compression => ETC2 (GLES 3.0) 
2. ETC2 fallback => 32-bit 
3. Build System => Internal 
4. Run Device => Samsung S8
5. Do not used OVR, GVR prefab, Rig Camera // i only used Unity default Camera.
6. i used card board Only, not used GearVR, Oculus, HTC

Issue, I'm curious

When the same project is built in the same environment under the above conditions,
I'm sure that projects built with GVR feel more dizzy than OVR.

They're all the same, 

Development conditions are all the same
and if they're different, Only the SDK used is different, why is this difference?

I noticed the difference.
but At my level I can hardly see why this is different.

Sincerely advice to young developer.
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