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Firewall rule sets

OD1_ITSOD1_ITS Posts: 4

I am currently developing a multiplayer VR Experience in Unity with Oculus SDK Integration. Our company has some strict Firewall settings and I need to tell our IT department IP Addresses ports and protocols for new rules sets.

My current issue is, that I cannot use the Oculus store, friend list and the SDK is not able to load the custom avatars via ID from the Oculus servers. We already implemented some rules.
We already set IP range 31.13.84.xxx TCP / TLS and but still seem to be missing something.
My app only loads the default avatar but not the customisation. Everything works when using a normal Internet connection, so its definitely our IT's firewall fault.

It would be nice to get an exhaustive list of IP addresses and Ports to open, that I can send to our IT department to properly use all Oculus services.



  • bjorn.sysebjorn.syse Posts: 10
    Yes, I would also need that. 
  • OD1_ITSOD1_ITS Posts: 4
    edited October 2019
    . delete me
  • OD1_ITSOD1_ITS Posts: 4
    Hi, for anyone else stumpling upon this Post wondering the same thing.

    I got a response from Oculus telling me: 

    Thank you for reaching out. If you need more precise control over access to Oculus services on a corporate network, you can choose to whitelist the IP ranges of Facebook web servers, from which Oculus services are served.
    Facebook's Autonomous System (AS) number AS32934 can be used to retrieve an accurate and up-to-date list of IP addresses of Facebook web servers. 
    For example:
    whois -h whois.radb.net — '-i origin AS32934' | grep ^route
    Brian (NinjaGG)
    oculus Developer Support

  • TES_NJTES_NJ Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if this worked? I work IT at our school and we cannot get updates for the Quest to come through our firewall. We've opened it up (disabled filtering) and still running into issues. If I tether my phone to the Quest the update goes through fine. Really struggling with this one.
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