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Incorrect camera place in build (Unity)

thomukas1thomukas1 Posts: 9
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edited October 2019 in Oculus Quest Development
Hi guys, I have a problem testing my game after building it for quest. The screen is all black and I can see 2 quads presenting camera view in the distance. I assume they should be right against my face... Those quads dont change in position, they stay in the same place overlapping one another by a little bit. But if i turn my head, the view in those quads also change. 

If that changes anything, I have switched from pc standalone to android while having OpenVR selected for development

I have set rendering to single pass,
minimum SDK 23, target SDK 26
tracking set to stage.
Also, my unity version is 2019.2.7f1

I really hope I just have set some settings incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated... Im testing with Vive in Unity, and it works well.


  • DarkTableDarkTable Posts: 27
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    You need to set stereo rendering mode in Player Settings to "Multiview." I don't know when Single Pass broke, but you're describing what happens when you try it.
  • thomukas1thomukas1 Posts: 9
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    Correct, that's what happened.
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