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Oculus Quest Link

I know that the upcoming Oculus Quest link is a USB-C connection. If my laptop has no USB-C connection will a USB-C to USB-A adapter allow me to connect the Oculus Quest to my PC? Or am I required to buy a PC with a USB-C connection?


  • DarkTableDarkTable Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Carmack's keynote at OC6 seemed to imply that the link only needed USB 3.0 bandwidth. So a (good) USB 3.0 A to C adapter should work, but you probably won't be able to charge the headset while using the link. (I don't work for Oculus, so this isn't official info.)
  • CorysiaCorysia Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yeah, i saw that presentation, too.  Interestingly, I see conflicting reports.  One says your original cable will work, the other says you'll need the new cable because of the fiber optics in it.  I'll probably get the new cable because I expect it'll be longer -- which is why you'd need fiber in it, I think.
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