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Oops! Something went wrong

joachimvdmjoachimvdm Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
Oops! Something went wrong. Please make sure that your URL is correct.
This is the error message one of my reviewers keeps getting when clicking on the accept button in the release channel offering email. We tried different browers, computers, enable developer mode. All with the same result. Does anyone else have the problem, do you know what I can do about this. 
Any help much appreciated!

Best Answers


  • Steve-TransfrVRSteve-TransfrVR Posts: 4
    We have also experienced this issue today when attempting to add people to a release channel for testing.
  • ruud3DVruud3DV Posts: 20 Oculus Start Member
    Same issue here, preview app invitations can't be confirmed now. Any idea when this can be fixed?
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