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Loss of Playspace / tracking on Rift S and Quest in a busy environment / trade shows etc.

We have a challenge that we are designing VR experiences for events and trade shows. We have noticed that the Rift S and Quest can loose the tracking / playspace in these busy environments. I have been trying to find best practices and things we can do to make sure that its works 100% of the time! I have seen videos from Oculus own events and noticed funky carpets, lines on the floor and more and I am wondering if this is something that is a standard practice ?

Having to setup the playspace constantly is a problem in a professional environment. 

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  • JaegerJensenJaegerJensen Posts: 2
    Im going to answer my own question a bit. :) I have discovered that if you have issues with the guardian / safety, you can disable the guardian on the Oculus Quest completely in the All Setting, tap. The tracking is still working but it will no longer check to see if you are inside your guardian / safety zone. This is good for sitting and static standing, maybe not so good if your user needs to move around as they wont be able to see their surroundings. So use with care. 

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