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OVRLipSync support iOS! but...

warapuriwarapuri Posts: 1
Happy Update OVRLipSync! I was looking forward to this, because it supports iOS.

At once, I integrated OVRLipSync on my Unity iOS project.
It worked fine with Unity Editor and iOS device.

And then, built for distribution on Xcode, and upload to Apple server with clicking "Distribution App" on Xcode Organizer.

After that, error occurred that

App Store Connect Operation Error
ERROR ITMS-90171: "Invalid Bundle Structure - The binary file 'XXXXX.app/libOVRLipSync.dylib' is not permitted. Your app can’t contain standalone executables or libraries, other than a valid CFBundleExecutable of supported bundles. Refer to the Bundle Programming Guide at https://developer.apple.com/go/?id=bundle-structure for information on the iOS app bundle structure."

What should I do for this error?
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