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Wwise + Unity 2019 Spatializer support timeline/roadmap - Audio SDK

We are currently using Wwise 2018.1.9 with Unity 2018 successfully with Quest+Rift-S (has been an awesome combination actually).  I want to access some of the 2019 Wwise features (wwise motion primarily for controller haptics). Is there a plan to move over to 2019 this year? you only seem to have Wwise2018.1 in the latest 1.41 update. Have a bunch of projects lined up so would appreciate a quick response so i can look for other solutions if not.  Cheers!


  • DigitalLab01DigitalLab01 Posts: 2
    Ok so this one is resolved for the moment. Turns out the WWISE motion support was already in 2018, the documentation was pretty rubbish.  Have it all working for the moment :)
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