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No RawButton or RawTouch events for A and X buttons

bschultebschulte Posts: 1
I've been using the Button.One (etc.) Events for an application for a while but want to switch to the Raw Events because it's essential that right and left controllers don't switch. I'm getting events for all buttons, triggers and thumbsticks but not for X and A. No RawTouch events either. The Buttons work in Oculus Home, but the buttons aren't even animated in my Unity App. I'm using the latest Oculus integration plugin and software and Unity 2019.2.0b1. I'm using a class for Input handling with code like this:

if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.RawButton.A))
                if (logging) Debug.Log("Button one");
                if (OnButtonOne != null) OnButtonOne.Invoke();

Any ideas?


  • ArchitekthArchitekth Posts: 4
    edited November 2019
    OVRInput doesn't work at all for me with Oculus Integration 1.41 and Unity (2019.3.9b and 2018.4.12f1).
    Customhand prefabs are correctly tracked (position change related to my Touch controller position in real world) but finger doesn't move when i press button or even touch a button (without pressing it).

    It's a know issue? there's a workaround ? 

    Using Unity Input class work by the way.

    EDIT : Api ID and manifest manipulation is OK
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