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Shooting Game

john.frushajohn.frusha Posts: 1
I would like to see an Oculus game that is practice shooting rifle and/or pistol for skeet, different game birds, different game for rifles and hand  gun practice. I feel it would be a great for sportsmen, law enforcement and others. I have a device to practice lead now but is not very realistic and has a lot to be desired. Not sure how you would do a rifle other than a fake stock that the hand held devices attach to. Thanks for the consideration and would be delighted to help with the beta.
John Frusha, MD 


  • Marrone747Marrone747 Posts: 1
    Good and Really awesome.
  • GeoffreyBoyGeoffreyBoy Posts: 13
    That's a good idea I think... A fake rifle as heavy and big as a real one would be a little bit dangerous when used inside an apartment with VR glasses though. :)
  • BeearterBeearter Posts: 20
    That`s really great!
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