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The build on Quest is two planes in black environment

Hello Everyone,
Since last week, every build on Quest have the VR Rig broken.
I see two planes, tracked in 3D space, with camera feed mapped on, around everything is black.
The same project, run from editor in Rift works fine.
Any ideas? Bug on updates?

Unity 2019.2.9f1
Oculus Integration 1.41
(From Package Manager) Oculus Android 1.38.3
(From Package Manager) Oculus Desktop 1.38.3


  • LooksRealStudioLooksRealStudio Posts: 4
    New info... It happens with Single Pass Stereo Rendering Mode
    With Multipass Stereo Rendering Mode the left eye works well, right eye is black
  • LooksRealStudioLooksRealStudio Posts: 4
    Multiview Stereo Rendering Mode works!
    Is this the solution? I never use it in my previous Quest apps...
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