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Oculus Quest, UI and Unity : No hover event, even on the example scene

InpuInpu Posts: 56 Oculus Start Member
Hi !

I'm trying to understand how to whole UI interaction is working with the Oculus Quest using the sample scenes from the Oculus integration package. Everything's working fine except one thing : When playing the UI demo scene on the Oculus Quest, it seems that I'm never triggering the "hover" event of the UI buttons with the laser (the highlight color is never applied). It does work fine on the editor using the CV1.

I can easily reproduce the issue on any scene. The weird part is the click event is working normally. I've tried messing around with a canvas and getting the "IPointerEnterHandler" event to trigger, but again same behavior : It's working fine on the editor, but I'm never getting the event on the Quest. I've never had this issue on the Oculus Go.

There's no error in the logs from the Oculus Monitor. I'm using the latest Oculus integration, and the recommanded latest Unity version 2019.1.2f1

Is this a known issue ?

Thanks !

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