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[Unity] Fixed start position after game launched

Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to create a game based on environment of the player and its guardian area ; it's a B2B experience.
I want the zero position of my game/scene to always be at the center of the guardian or, at least, on the point where we fixed the floor with the Oculus Touch.

I've defined my tracking space to be RoomScale, so the floor is at the correct height.

I'm using the OVRCameraRig from the Oculus Integration assets and disable recenter (I don't want my player to reset its center).

The problem is I can't set the zero position of my world by hand, I can't find any option or documentation that would help me.
I believe this is possible, I've seen that Dead And Buried Arena made it at Oculus Connect 5 :

I will take any help please,

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