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Random black screen on quest


First off, apologies if you see this question twice - I asked it once and the post disappeared immediately!

We're experience a severe issue where, after a relatively small period of time (15 minutes to an hour) the screen in our app simply turn black and will never come back. The game is clearly still running (we can hear sfx in response to movement on controller, still use voip and verify the online connection is valid etc), however the screen is simply black. We've got some suspicious log cat output:
</code>10-18 08:42:42.963&nbsp; 1037&nbsp; 1463 I ActivityManager: Process com.oculus.vrshell (pid 1809) has died</pre><div><p></p>
<p></p><pre class="CodeBlock"><code><p>10-18 08:42:42.964&nbsp; 1037&nbsp; 1463 D ActivityManager: cleanUpApplicationRecord -- 1809</p><p>10-18 08:42:42.978&nbsp; 1037&nbsp; 1585 I WindowManager: WIN DEATH: Window{890a751 u0 SurfaceView - com.oculus.vrshell/com.oculus.vrshell.MainActivity}</p><p>...</p><p><span>10-18 08:42:43.099&nbsp; 1037&nbsp; 1583 I DisplayManagerService: Display device removed: DisplayDeviceInfo{"com.oculus.android_panel_app.AndroidPanelLayer-#main": uniqueId="virtual:com.oculus.systemux,10060,com.oculus.android_panel_app.AndroidPanelLayer-#main,0",
 770 x 241, modeId 2, defaultModeId 2, supportedModes [{id=2, width=770, height=241, fps=60.0}], colorMode 0, supportedColorModes [0], HdrCapabilities null, density 160, 160.0 x 160.0 dpi, appVsyncOff 0, presDeadline 16666666, touch NONE, rotation 0, type VIRTUAL,
 state ON, owner com.oculus.systemux (uid 10060), FLAG_PRIVATE, FLAG_NEVER_BLANK, FLAG_OWN_CONTENT_ONLY}</span></p>

Specifically the 'WIN DEATH' and 'Display Device Removed'

However nothing else to go on. As far as I can tell we aren't hitting memory issues or anything either - mem use stays relatively stable throughout.

We're on unity 2018.4, Oculus SDK 1.29.1. Happy to upgrade if likely to fix things, but we're near ship so would rather not do so unless it's likely to help!

Has anybody seen this / have a suggestion. Any help from devs or the Oculus team would be hugely appreciated



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