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Changing Height for OVRPlayerController

DemonGamesStudioDemonGamesStudio Posts: 27 Oculus Start Member
I have been struggling for so long to try and figure out how to change the height of the player controller through script. I have tried turning off profile data but then dynamic height wont work, it will just keep moving the player head down as you move the headset down. And I need dynamic height on. I have even tried writing my own script for dynamic height and that dont work either, the same thing happends.

So overall, I can get the player height to change if I turn off use profile data but then it messes up dynamic height. I really need to figure out how to do this, does anyone else have the same issue or does anyone have any more info they can supply?

I have tried Youtube, forums, you name it. Been struggling for weeks.

Thanks in advance.
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