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rightHandAnchor does not move with the controller

SuperframeSuperframe Posts: 33 Oculus Start Member
If I drop in LocalAvatar, I see the hands and controller avatars fine and they follow the hand movement. I can also get the rotation and position of the controllers with code no problem.

However, if I drop a gun model as a child of rightHandAnchor or RightControllerAnchor in OVRCameraRig, when I play the game in the headset the gun model is fixed in place. I have tried with the LocalAvatar at the same time and the avatars move, but the gun model is fixed... also tried without the LocalAvatar.

I made sure this was in the manifest:
<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.vr.headtracking" android:version="1" android:required="true" />

Any thoughts as to how to resolve? Thx!

Greg Bowen - Founder
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