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Render following latest update...

LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15
edited November 2019 in Game Design
Native application (Windows 10, C++, SDL, Oculus Rift S and Leap Motion).
Just updated to the latest Oculus Rift SDK 1.41.0 and Leap Motion SDK 4.0.0. Following the update, the scene rendered 90 degrees to the right, so called to recenter it ovr_RecenterTrackingOrigin(m_ovrSession);
The scene is still not exactly centered in VR and in the split-screen. Also, when I render a Leap Motion skeleton hand, it shows only in the left screen but not in the right screen of the split-screen, even though the hand is rendered twice.
The code has not been changed. Screenshot here attached.
Any ideas, please?

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